Refer to this tab after Oct. 23, 2022.

Finalize the Submission Process

All accepted papers will be presented at ICRoM2021. Authors must submit their final version of camera-ready papers electronically in PDF format through the EasyChair system no later than Nov. 1, 2022 23:59:59 PST (no extensions allowed). Before submitting the final version, authors are expected to revise their paper considering the feedback from the reviewers. Please follow the indications given in your acceptance letter.

For papers to appear in the IEEE Xplore ICRoM 2022 Publication, six pages in the standard IEEE Conference Paper Format based on the LaTeX template or Microsoft Word template are allowed for each paper. A maximum of two additional pages are permitted at an extra charge of € 50 per page, payable at the time of submitting the camera-ready version of the paper.

At least one of the authors listed on the paper must be registered for the conference when the final manuscript is uploaded. A single regular conference registration can be used to upload up to two papers. A single student conference registration can be used to upload only one paper. Please upload your registration confirmation with your paper number, with the following final submission procedure.

Step-By-Step Guidelines to Submit Your Final Paper

Step 1: Prepare your final paper using the available LaTeX template or Microsoft Word template and follow these paper preparation instructions. Make sure to have the latest templates and do not change the formatting in any way. Please add the following copyright notice at the footer of page 1 of your paper:

It will be announced soon...

Furthermore, please add the following at the header of the page 1 and the title of your paper:

Proceedings of the 10th RSI International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICRoM 2022), Nov. 22-24, 2022, Tehran, Iran
LATeX guidance for adding header and footer

Copy the text given below and paste above \begin{document} in your .tex file

%%%for header%%%
% % for all pages except the first
% \def\ps@headings{
% \old@ps@headings
% \def\@oddhead{\strut\hfill#1\hfill\strut}
% \def\@evenhead{\strut\hfill#1\hfill\strut}
% }
% for the first page
\small{Proceedings of the 9th RSI International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICRoM 2021), Nov. 17-19, 2021, Tehran, Iran} 
%%%for footer%%%
\AddToShipoutPictureFG*{ \put(\LenToUnit{#1\paperwidth},\LenToUnit{#2\paperheight}){\vtop{{\null}\makebox[0pt][c]{#3}}}
\placetextbox{.23}{0.055}{\textbf{\small{978-1-6654-2094-5/21/\$31.00~\copyright 2021 IEEE}}}

* LATeX guidance for adding header and footer: Video + Its Caption

Step 2: Check that the names of all authors and their order is identical in the EasyChair, the paper, the digest file, and the poster. Please write author names with only the first letter capitalized, that is, use Firstname Lastname in all instances, and do not use FIRSTNAME LASTNAME anywhere. Please see that author names are updated in their EasyChair accounts before the final submission information is completed.

Step 3: Create a PDF version of your paper and perform the IEEE PDF compliance test (URL). If your paper does not pass the test, you cannot continue and need to revise the format of your paper until it passes the test. Use the following instructions:

1- Go to website (or first create an account);
2- Enter 54204X for conference ID, an Email Address, and a password;
3- Continue to enter information as prompted;
4- Save the approved pdf file and include that in your file submission at EasyChair.

* Paper: {pdf-express-id}.pdf | PDF Xpress Approval: Approval e-mail of PDF Xpress process (e-mail’s text to pdf)

Step 4: Please prepare a one-page conference Digest slide (a .tex file) that summarizes your paper. You must only use the ICRoM2021 Digest template. Please prepare a .tex file in LaTeX format, including the names, affiliations, the paper’s title, and research highlights. The name of the file should be the same as your paper submission number in EasyChair (e.g., 123.tex). Note that: (1) authors must fill their full names instead of initials; (2) Do not delete the percent signs (%) at the end of the lines in the input file; (3) In the input file, “Targets” are not the abstract of the paper; they are just highlights (important findings) of the research. You can access a sample .tex file here (Latex file)

Step 5: Please provide us with a descriptive figure representative of your contribution. The file must be square-sized, with a resolution of no more than 300×300 pixels (a 300×300 pixel .jpg file). The name of the file should be the same as your paper submission number in EasyChair (e.g., 123.jpg).

Step 6:  Authors of all the accepted papers should also prepare a poster for possible presentation at the conference website. Posters created with colorful content submitted in a PDF file on A1 size (841mm height x 594.5mm width), and must convey the essence of the presented work in an informative and visually attractive way. Some tips for preparing posters are provided in this file or this link. Please use ICRoM 2021 Poster template.

Step 7:  To process the copyright transfer for each contribution, follow the Copyright Transfer Form, and you will be taken to the IEEE copyright transfer site (IEEE eCP) in a new window. Follow the steps as described on IEEE eCP pages and make sure that the paper title and author list are correct before you perform the copyright transfer. Once the copyright has been transferred, you cannot update it via EasyChair. Please keep your IEEE eCopyright transfer approval file ready for final submission to EasyChair.

IEEE Electronic Copyright

If you encounter an error, read Error Codes Guidance.

Step 8: Register for the conference, indicating your paper submission number in EasyChair and any extra pages, through the author registration site. Please note that with a full registration you may upload two papers, while with a student registration only one paper can be uploaded.

Step 9: Upload the following files in EasyChair; By viewing your submission and using “Add or update files” tab on the top right side.

  • A PDF file of your updated paper that has passed the IEEE Xplore compliance test. (update your initial submission by this file) ; Note that if this file is not PDF Express approved, your paper will not be included in IEEE Xplore.
  • The source file(s) of your paper in word/Latex zipped in a single file;
  • The poster file of your paper in PDF format;
  • A single summary digest slide in Latex format (*.tex), based on the Step 4 instructions.
  • A descriptive figure representative of your contribution (a 300×300 pixel .jpg file), based on the Step 5 instructions;
  • Upload your registration confirmation proof. (PDF, ZIP or JPEG format);
  • Upload your PDF Xpress compliance test approval (in PDF format);
  • Upload your IEEE Copyright form (in PDF format).

Step 10: Presentation Instructions

Again, congratulations on your submission acceptance! May your final submission go smoothly and we look forward to it.