Tutorial II
Tutorial II
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Tutorial II
Tutorial II
Robot Operating System (ROS) and Autonomous Vehicles

Topics on Interest: ROS, Autonomous Systems, Gazebo, Robot Simulators, Robotics, Delivery Robots

Hushmand Afzar Co., LTD.

Ali Khorshidi Benam

RoboCup Technical Committee Member
Head of Advanced Technologies in PishRobot

Telephone: 0098 21 88654299 |0098 936 966 3981
Email: ali@khorshidi.net

Ali Khorshidi Benam is currently a university lecturer and Aerospace Ph.D. candidate majoring in Flight Dynamics and Control. Ali is Head of Advanced Technologies at PishRobot since 2016 and his research interest focuses on ROS, AI and Vision, and Intelligent Robots/Actuators.
He is also working on Space technologies and satellite systems and implemented a space-grade Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) for satellites. Ali has been interested in robotics since he was about 7 years old and has participated in many competitions. Since 2013, he has been the technical committee member of the Robocup IranOpen and RoboCup Asia-Pacific competitions.

. An introduction to Robot Operating System (ROS) and Modern Robotics Systems
. ROS official development platform, ROBOTIS Turtlebot3 with Live Demo
. ROS 1 vs ROS 2: The future of Robot Operating System
. Discussion about the ‘Gazebo’ robot simulator and its use at ROS
. Live Simulation/Visualization Demo on ROBOTIS TurtleBot3 in Gazebo, RViz – Based on ROS
. Advanced Robotics and AI hardware: Nvidia Jetson Family, Raspberry Pi, ROBOTIS OpenCR
. An introduction to Smart and Autonomous Delivery Robots
. The future of Autonomous Driving Vehicles
. Subsystems of an autonomous vehicle

This workshop is suitable for all those interested in robotics, artificial intelligence and computer science. The educational level of this workshop is from beginner to intermediate.