ICRoM 2020
- Virtual Exhibition

QESHM Voltage Electrical Engineering Company with more than 20 years of experience, known as the company Knowledge-based and High Tech in the field of electrical. It is active in the Industrial automation, IOT Smart Robotics Systems and new energies fields. Currently, the company utilizes the experienced engineers in the designing & production of industrial robots, educational equipment and Laboratory, Project implementation, repair, Troubleshooting Service, Providing engineering services, Educational and service provides to Consumers in various industries such as Oil, gas, petrochemical, Metal Industries, Automotive, Segmentation, food, Cement, Textile, Rubber Industries, Glass, Wood paper, Chipboard, Pharmaceutical Industries, Wire and cable, Machine Industries and equipment for universities and educational & vocational centers.one of the most important centers in this company is Robotics Research Center which produce and design different types of industrial robots, educational robots and , IOT Smart Robotics Systems. this center’s Another important activity is providing the ability of purchasing all robotics equipment via WWW.ROBOTIMALL.COM website. Providing scientific information such as inland and international papers and scientific ideas , taking part in different exhibitions and conferences, and launching different projects in robotics’ field is the other Robotics Research Center’s activities.

PishRobot with 17 years of experience in Control, Industrial Automation and Robotics, established a new division, called PishRobot, to provide robot kits, parts and platforms to schools, universities and robot fans. PishRobot also educates Robotics, STEAM concepts and Coding in schools and educational centers for ages starting from 5 to adults and university level. Visit PishRobot Website: https://www.pishrobot.com/eng/

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