Final Submission

In order to finalize the submission process, all authors of accepted papers (oral or poster) must accomplish the following two stages:

Stage 1: Prepare the following files:

1 – A one-page conference Digest slide (a .tex file)

2 – A descriptive figure representative of your contribution (a 300×300 pixel .jpg file)

3 – Final formatted file of the paper approved by PDF Express (a *.pdf file)

4- Final formatted file of the paper (a *.docx file)

Below you can find details of each required document.

In order to give the participants of ICROM a fast overview of the contents of the conference, a book of Digests will be published and distributed at the conference, as the proceedings. Each page of the book contains four digest-slides, which should be prepared by the papers’ authors. Note that the slides are NOT Microsoft PowerPoint files, and since the book will be compiled automatically using the LaTeX word processing program, the authors must submit their slides in .tex format, according to the following instructions:

Step 1. Prepare a .tex file in LaTeX format, including the names, affiliations, the paper’s title and research highlights. The name of the file should be the same as your paper code (e.g., 123.tex). Note that: (1) authors must fill their full names instead of initials; (2) Do not delete the percent signs (%) at the end of the lines in the input file; (3) In the input file, “Targets” are not the abstract of the paper; they are just highlights (important findings) of the research. You can access a sample .tex file here:

Step 2. Prepare a descriptive figure in .jpg that is relevant to your research. The file must be square sized, with a resolution no more than 300×300 pixels. The name of the file should be the same as your paper code (e.g., 123.jpg).

Step 3. Everyone has to submit their Final Paper surely through PDF express. The final file saved in this site will be indexed by IEEE Xplore, if you register and present your paper at the conference. The instructions for this step is:

1- Go to website

2- Enter : 48714XP for conference ID, an Email Address and a password

3- Continue to enter info. as prompted

Save the approved pdf file and include that into your file submission.

Stage 2: A final stage of submission is to transfer your copyright electronically.

Step 4. An email will be sent to the corresponding author of each paper, automatically before the date of the conference. The form shall be signed electronically within the system. Note, if more than one author is assigned as the corresponding author, only one have to sign the form electronically.

Final Step :  Upload the following files in Easychair:  The files required are: the digest *.tex file; the *.jpg digest figure, the final formatted pdf expressed approved file (*.pdf), and if there exist the word file of the paper *.docx, to the EasyChair website by accessing your submission page and clicking on the “Update file” or “Add Files ” on the top right corner of the page.

Important Considerations

Remark 1: IEEE plagiarism check and indexing

As you are all aware, a very strict plagiarism check including self-plagiarism is performed by IEEE before indexing approval. The authors are solely responsible for the right format of the publication (pdf express) and the non-plagiarism. If a paper does not match IEEE standards and does not pass the required tests, it cannot be indexed in IEEE Xplore. Authors are fully responsible for providing correct manuscripts. The ICROM organizing committee is not responsible for any issue resulted from not following the above guidelines.

Remark 2: Poster Presentations:

Authors of papers accepted as posters should also prepare a poster for exhibiting their work at the conference. Posters must be color printed on A1 (841mm height x 594.5mm width) papers and attached to the stand boards prepared for this purpose at the posters hall. Posters must convey the essence of the presented work in an informative and visually attractive way. Some tips for preparing posters are provided in and Also, you can use this Poster Template:

Remark 3: Conference registration

The conference policy requires that at least one of the authors of a paper must have paid the registration fee for final paper upload. One standard registration can be used for upload of at most two contributions. If you are an author or co-author of a single contribution, your registration cannot be shared or used for uploading someone else’s contribution. You may go to registration page for online payment.

Remark 4: Over length Papers:

Accepted papers are limited to six (6) pages. However, if your manuscript consists of more (only up to eight) pages in length, each page above the limit of six pages will require a pre-payment of over-length fee of 1,000,000 Rials. This will be assessed at the time of final submission.

We emphasize that any accepted paper (oral or poster) not registered and not presented by one of its authors will not be included in the final Proceedings and therefore will not be indexed in the IEEE Xplore.

Submission Instructions