Industrial Roundtable I
Role of Robotics in industrial development and Social Prosperity: Opportunities and Challenges
Dr. Majid Mohammadi Moghadam        Tarbiat Modarres University (TUM)
Prof. Alireza Akbarzadeh Totonchi         Ferdowsi University of Mashad (FUM)
Dr. Aria Alasty                                             Sharif University of Technology
Mr. Avatefi                                                   Presidency
Mr. Barezi                                                     Qeshm Voltage
Mr. Salehi                                                     Qeshm Voltage
Mr. Vafaei                                                     Pishrobot Inc.
Mr. Safari                                                      Social Robotics Inc.

New advances in computer technology and robotics have resulted in the increasing use of robots in industry, and human life. The positive impact these robots have had on humanity will prospectively have an even greater impact on humans in the future.In this industrial panel, it is aimed to further boost up dissemination of robotic solutions into the industry and service sectors of the country.

Industrial Roundtable II

Creativity Competitions: Robotics Ideas and Foresights


Dr. P. Zarafshan, Dr. M. Dehghani, Prof. H. Taghirad, Prof. A. YousefiKoma, and Finalist Team Leaders of New Ideas and Creativity Contest

In the Creativity Competitions Roundtable, the finalist participants present their robotics and mechatronics design ideas. They justify the impacts of applying their robotic systems to selected tasks in terms of technological, financial, safety and environmental aspects. They also present conceptual designs of their proposed solutions and further requirements. Correspondingly, the participants demonstrate their robotic ideas by their prototypes or simulations mockups.