ICRoM 2016

The 4th International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICRoM 2016) was held in University of Tehran . ICRoM 2016 was organized by the Robotics Society of Iran (RSI) with collaboration of other scientific societies in particular the Iranian Society of Mechatronics (ISM). ICRoM 2016 short video clip (on youtube)

We received a total of 190 papers for ICRoM 2016. The Papers were reviewed by 390 reviewers. There were 55 oral and 56 poster presentations. ICRoM 2016 papers are indexed by IEEE Xplore. For more information about 16ICRoM please take a look at: ICRoM 2016 Report.pdf

Please take a look at this document for the ICRoM 2016 best papers awards: ICRoM 2016 – best paper awards.pdf