Conference Venue

Iran University of Science & Technology Narmak, Tehran, 1684613114 Iran


The mission of Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) is to advance knowledge and educate students in science and technology through three mutually reinforcing principals: top-notch quality education, advanced research, and thoroughly-permeated service to society. IUST is a leading research university committed to producing and distributing the very best scholarly contributions to the community. Its campus-wide leadership and high-standard training nurture the spirit of an intellectual stimulation, helping students discover their aspirations and potentials. We seek to develop in each member of the IUST community the necessary assets to thrive in the engineering fields, and the ability to work creatively and effectively in the increasingly competitive global society.

Programs offered at IUST have attained professional recognition not only for their tight working links with industry, but also for their emphasis on the importance of creating a solid foundation in their carefully designed curriculum, which are collaborative, flexible, and attentive to the needs and requirements of an Islamic society.

The IUST distinctive faculty strengthens a close academic bond with undergraduate and graduate students. Students are given many opportunities to work closely with IUST’s faculty. IUST schools and departments work hand in hand to foster an intense interdisciplinary approach, well suited to confront the many challenges of the world, making IUST a leader in the science and engineering fields. We strive to advance IUST to the best of our abilities, for we believe the greater we make IUST, the greater will be its far-reaching impact on the economy and well-being of our nation.