Q1- What happens if we don’t attend for the poster presentation?

The participation certificate would not be issued and the paper would not be indexed.


Q2- How many certificates of participation will be issued for a paper?

Certificates are going to be issued for each registered person.


Q3- How many meals are considered for each group?

Lunch and dinner are going to be  provided only for the registered participants.


Q4- Which university entrances shall be used to attend the conference?

Reception will be done through Mechanic department (door No.3) and Mellat Bank (door No.2). In case you need to transfer any equipment into the university, you can use Sports stadium (door No.4).


Q5- Do we need an ID card for reception?



Q6- Will there be any room with internet access during the free time between the activities?

There is internet access within the department.


Q7- How much does workshops cost? Is there any possibility for anyone willing to participate in workshops to register and pay on the spot?

Each workshop costs 1/500/000 Rials. It is possible to pay at the event.


Q8- Who can participate at the conference?

MS and PhD students are very welcome to attend the conference for free.


Q9- Is there any transportation vehicle for dinner ceremony out of the university?



Q10- Is it important to have the file of presentation with you?

Yes, you should give the file to the session supervisor 30 minutes before your presentation session .


Q11- Is it necessary for lectures to be in English?

English is preferred but depending on the session supervisor, Persian is also accepted.


Q12- When someone other than main author has registered and certificated, is it possible to change the name to the main authors’ name?



Q13- Is it possible to register for the conference at the event?



Q14- What is the size for the printed posters?

Check the website data, submission section.